About Us

I astrologer Krishna Shastri salutations to you guys. I have been giving information to you people in astrology for 15 years.You know from us about your horoscope so that you people keep getting success in every field. And let there be no problem in your life. If you have any problem but are not able to get correct information about horoscope then you contact us. It is absolutely free service for information about Kundli. Information will be given to you in a short time so that your time is no wasted.

All types of worship are done in our organization Shiv Ganga Triveni. All kinds of negative energies in our institution are removed through Vedic worship. So that your life is good. In our institution all types of dosh are removed in the horoscope. Like Pitta Dosh, Guru, Chandaal, Dosh, Vastu Dosh, Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse, many types of worship are done. By chanting Vedic Mantras. The chanting of Vedic Mantras is done through our Vedic Brahmin. So that your problems can be solved properly. And you should not face any kind of trouble in life! .Contact our astrologer and know what kind of puja to be done in your horoscope. So that you don’t have any problem.